Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unemployment,poverty and opportunities in digital economy

When we talk about available work opportunities in developing countries like Pakistan, we often describe developing world as a land where we have poverty of opportunities. 

The current un-employment rate stands at 5.5 ( ministry of labour stats)  and government seemes quite happy with these numbers while comparing these rates with other south Asian  countries.  However, people living under poverty line shows a very high number. Every 1 of 6th Pakistani (17.2 % population) lives below poverty line. 

There are many ways the governments and regimes think about reducing un-employment rates, but one of the real opportunity to reduce un-employment is through the opportunity of global digital economy. 

There are few important questions that need to be answered and will be explained in detail

1. How to come out of poverty of opportunities; when we have huge opportunities available in the digital economy.
2. How to overcome the skills gap.
3. More importantly, how to mentally prepare a large number of young people to access  and benefit from the employment opportunities in the digital economy?