Saturday, September 22, 2012

Checklist for webmasters in Pakistan after blocking of

In th second week of September, 2012, PTA has blocked access to in Pakistan by asking ISPs to block access to the website. It is not clear what procedure is adopted by the ISPs to block Youtube. I think all the ISPs in Pakistan have used their own policy and mechanism to block these services. This has resulted in different kind of blocked reports from different users. e.g many users were reporting that they were able to access the youtube through secure http protocol ( https ). At this time on 23rd September, youtube is not accessible through https on PTCL and others network. ( I can confirm 

The widely used Gmail services have not seen any services interruption yet. However, Google Maps, Google Drive and google plus have been inaccessible most of the times.

This is yet to ascertain how much loss has happened to Google and local business that are using Google services. May be we have some data in near future on this.

One of the services that is inaccessible is Google Analytics. Almost all of the websites embed a java script code that helps the Google analytics software to show website traffic analytics to website admins. The java script code used to be in the footer of the websites, but in the latest version of Google analytics the the recommended way to embed the code was in header. Also, the javascript file is accessed from web address

As a website visitor when someone goes to the website the browser keep its status transferring until all the page content is loaded. As the Google analytics file is not loading on user's computer the browser keep showing the in-progress status. This means the page load time increases to more than 2 minutes in most of the cases. In addition to long page load times some of the java scripts does not get executed that are required for various interactions on the website.

So, in order to keep the website functional the webmaster need to remove the Google analytics javascript, Google Plus javascript file and any other files that are not being loading at this time.

I have studied various files in that are being loaded from Google servers. We have commented out Google analytics code and now the page load time has come back to normal. Also in some pages jquery code was not executing and that pages have started working smoothly.

We still running Google adsense and Google ads managment software on However, both of these services use a different web address ( and, and run smoothly without any page blocking.


  1. Nice information though I have also seen the on propakistani i wonder if he followed you as a webmaster or you have copied him

  2. Thanks for sharing this information with us Faisal.