Friday, May 29, 2009

TED fellows program magic explained in 6 minutes.

Esther K. Chae, Juliana Machado Ferreira , Kyra Gaunt, Sheila Ochugboju , Taghi Amirani, Yatin Sethi, 6 of the 40 TED 2009 fellows, explaining the magic of TED Fellows Program in 6 minutes.

This short video conveys the intense, potentially life-changing experience of becoming a TED Fellow, through interviews with some of the TED2009 Long Beach Fellows and with TED's Community Director, Tom Rielly.

For more information about how individuals may apply for a TEDIndia Fellowship, please visit TED Fellows may apply or be nominated by another individual. To nominate a candidate, email the full name of the candidate and their contact information to

Last date to apply for TED Fellowship is 15th June,2009.

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  1. Well done Faisal. Proud to see a fellow Pakistani in TED. Keep it up.